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  Henan Best Chain Co.,Ltd is a national standard and EN standard professional R & D and designed G80/G100 chain product’s manufacturer. It is a “management advantage and technical advantage” enterprise with high-grade, high-end, multi-variety and multi-spec chain in the north. The chain variety and specifications are complete, and our reliability level has broken through the industry technical bottleneck.

  In recent years, the company has undergone restructuring, and a group of elites with dreams, ideas, methods, and industry strength have come together to lay a solid foundation for BSTLS good development .

  The performance requirement of BSTLS chain products is as follows: 2.5 times non-deformation, 4 times breaking force, chain shaped accuracy, etc. All of our chains reach over 6M test in accordance with GB or EN standards, which has exceeded the industry process and technology bottlenecks. The breaking link of all chains is 1:10000, which is beyond domestic technical working process (6:10000)

  BSTLS strategic project (Phase II): lifting hoist hook, safety hook, clevis/ eye hook, connecting link, master links, chain shackles, lifting slings (EA, EB, EC, load binders etc.) will be implemented from 2019. BSTLS products will meet or exceed national product standards in performance, safety and reliability, and meet European and American product standards.

  We BSTLS have advanced and automatic 50 sets production machine, such as 125/150/300 WAFIOS bending and welding machine, automatic calibration production machine, 2.5M proof test production line, stable heat treatment machine and universal material tester etc. We BSTLS have planned to increase 10 sets hot forging rigging production lines, 4 sets polypropylene fiber machine, 40 sets knitting production machine and 50 sets sewing equipment. All of our production line will reach 150 sets.

  We BSTLS have more than 100 domestic and international services outlets, and have exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Australia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa etc. We will provide high-quality products with our excellent service, and sincerely invite you to visit us for further cooperation

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